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"We Help HR Directors Win Highly Qualified Engineers By The "On Fire And Ready To Be Hired" System... In 27min! Without Applications"

Imagine world-wide all engineers are passionate about their jobs...

Exactly that is what drives us, to support companies like yours to focus on engineers having fun solving your challenges... for better solutions.

  • Hidden Champions

    Are World-Champions in their field but who knows about that? To survive the war of talent your visibility is the key. 27min are be enough to be seen by thousands of engineers.

  • High Qualified¬†Engineers

    Engineers solve challenges. For that they need a certain skillset but more important a positive and passionate personality to create better solutions! Our community of 2.554+ engineers can't wait to hear from you.

  • 27min¬†are quite enough

    Stop wasting time on checking applications and start to focus on the right talents. 27min are quite enough to find the talents fit to your team culture. We show you how easy it is.

  • Your People = Your Success

    According studies from Gallup  78% of all employees in Europe are disengaged on the job and wasting millions. We help you to engage with better engineers.

You are looking for new engineers? Here is why Philipp convinced me...

JT Foxx

Worlds #1 Business Coach and
Serial Entrepreneur

Next step? Let's have a short 15min call...

Here is what you can expect

  • Introduction

    We are interested in your company culture and the technology you are passionate about.

  • Your¬†Challenge

    Let's speak about your challenges and the kind of engineers you are looking for.

  • Your Solution

    Let's find out if and how we can help you by your engineering community.

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Like you, we strive for results

Because of your connection we already had after 3 days first job interviews and based on that our first hire with you!

Sven Sperling


Because every company has it's own dedicated personality

Fits for you tomorrow? Or today?
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